visite en nacelle du gouffre de proumeyssac
gouffre de proumeyssac descente en nacelle
nacelle gouffre proumeyssac


in a rotating basket

In the past, visitors were lowered into the caves 3 at a time in a basket that was powered by a horse. This year the "Cathedral of Crystal" will be inaugurating a new basket to recreate the experience of early visitors. More spacious than the previous version, this basket allows 11 people to get an even better look at the caves.

The original 1907 basket, attached by a single cable, would spin randomly, providing visitors with a panoramic view of the concretions. The new basket recreates that impression using a specific technical system. In this version it is the floor that turns, providing passengers with a 360° rotation. Tour with descent in a basket (max. 11 people - additional charge)